Friday, March 21, 2014

Stay hungry and travel well! Travel tips for the curious...

Michael and I love to travel, I'm a bed and breakfast kind of gal, and Michael is a fan of 4 star hotels! ( our amazing hotel adventures are another blog! Yikes)
No matter what, we find lots of things to agree on......Like food

One should always drink Sangria, and eat Tapas while in Spain! One of our favorite meals ever was in a local out of the way Tapas bar

Local street vendors can be scary, but the food is usually delicious!
If you have a sensitive stomach, RUN AWAY!

Chicken feet in Singapore......We did not try this, but not to say it wouldn't be a great dining experience!

The dumplings were awesome

along with the local beer!

One of the most amazing parts of travel is meeting new people and making friends. I will never forget these 2 Japanese Ladies, who dressed me up in this beautiful Kimono! We were at a local market, and needless to say, I own this kimono, and it is a treasure!

When we are traveling, I always ask Michael to wear a bright colored hat...I can always find him in a crowd!

This yellow hat is my favorite! I have never lost him!

I try to do the same.....The brighter the better!

Be adventurous

I tried the Zip line on the Oasis, on my 60th birthday! 

And we crossed a rope bridge in Ireland!

Enjoy the local or out of the way spots, and you can get a real feel for the city you are in..

Walk the back streets of Venice

You never know what you'll find!

A snake charmer in India......I was Hugely impressed!

A beautiful area in Bali, off the beaten track.

We took a riverboat tour in India, and shopped with the locals in a little village.

A street scene in Alexandria.....I wanted to hop out of the car and buy some fruit!

Sometimes, only the tourist spots will do! 

This picture needs no introduction!

The Temple of Karnak

Or the highest building in the world!  Who can resist going to the top!

Meet the locals....Stop and chat with the interesting people you see along the way. We didn't speak any Chinese, and they didn't understand English.  Ya know what, We understood each other perfectly...smiles work everywhere!

We didn't get to meet them, but we were honored to be a part of the celebration!

This Gal was amazing, So funny, and pleased to tell us about her town. This picture always brings me back to Salvador, Brazil!

A local Aborigine in playing the colorful is that! We would never have seen this in Sydney!

Don't be afraid to have fun!

We look serious, don't we!

The 2 look-a likes!

Sometimes Michael pushes me over the edge.....and sometimes I push him! haha

Creepy, scary picture! love it!

Always be respectful of the culture.
Dress like the locals when you visit a mosque.

Cover your arms and legs when in the Mideast...(The heat did tend to make me a little crazy!)

and pay homage to the dead of Pompeii

We always visit family when we can.

A visit to Rome is not complete without spending a day with my Niece and her family, who live in Tuscany
and who can resist my little darling Giulia...Such a spitfire...just like her Great-Aunt!

Happy trails to you!