Sunday, June 9, 2013

God save the Queen!.....Our Amazing adventures in Great Britain

We just can't seem to stay home! One month after our trip around the horn, we left warm and sunny Florida....Really?... for the cold and damp British isles...?  WRONG...apparently we landed in the middle of the coldest spring on record!  Thank goodness we're flexible!

We had a wonderful and relaxing 6 days at sea...we loved movie under the stars, all bundled up with hot popcorn and hot coffee!
For all of you dedicated nurses out there, I give you a picture of the first hospital in Sterling Scotland. Built in the 1600's.......the red door to the right is a cozy tearoom, where we had Tea and that's the life!

We had a lovely stop in Southampton, where we followed the Tudor trail, walked along the city walls, and after a very long and cold walk, ended up in our favorite pub, the red lion. It is the second oldest pub in England, and dates back to the 1400"s
We had lunch with our new friends, Connie and Bill. Bill discovered the  joys of hoisting a pint of Guinness....

Love this sign....The Brits have such a dry sense of humor

After leaving the ship, catching a Bus to Inverness, eating a fabulous
Scottish highland pasty ( in a  bus station, for Gods sake!) finding the tour, and a 30 min ride thru the Scottish lowland, we hopped on a boat for a ride on Loch ness! We didn't see the monster...affectionately called Nessie, but we did visit castles, and discovered the history of this area. 

Urquhart Castle.....oooooh so creepy viewing thru the Scottish mist on Loch ness....

Only in Dublin, could you find a store full oh doorknobs and door knockers....It tickled my fancy!
The Orkney Island were so beautiful....desolate and Wild, and Freezing cold
An abandoned Scottish homestead....
so picturesque!

hmmmmmml........... we learned the art of drinking 18 yr, old single malt whisky....Where have you been all my life!

Our day in Belfast started out like foggy you can't see the castle in the back ground.....may I add we were freezing our watusies off!!

The fog lifted when we hit the Giants causeway, but it was still misty, cold and the wind chilled you to the bone!
Soooooooo....after we walked the causeway, we slipped into a little pub for a hot toddy, and to warm ourselves by the fire...Why, I almost expected to see a little leprechaun waiting for us outside the door!

Alas.....we didn't stay warm long....our next visit for the day was a loooooong hike out to the Carrike-a-rede rope bridge !Michael swears I was trying to kill him as we hiked up and down.. and up.... and down....and across a swaying rope bridge in gale force winds! NOT....

you be the judge....

We finally hit the big time, weather wise, in Cobh Ireland We actually had to take our jackets off! The Cathedral was awesome, and we found a little fish and chips place to wet our whistle......

I love this little town.....Gateway to Cork and Blarney castle...

After the cruise was over, we raced to the train station, to catch our train to Nottingham. Even though Michael looks less than thrilled, we had a fun trip, and Michael made friends with a 7 yr old boy, who taught him the finer points of Angry Birds.....Michael kept saying...I didn't know can do that?
We spent 3 days touring the area around Nottingham, with our great friends Steve and Bev...what a laugh fest we had!

after bidding a fond farewell to jolly ole England, we boarded a plane home.......
But then..that's another story!