Saturday, November 10, 2012

A day in the Ancient world...Egypt

My lifes dream was to visit Egypt, and see the Pyramids, and the Sphinx....After the wild ride to Cairo, we rounded a corner, and there before me were the Pyramids of Giza! What a wonderous site! they are so grand, much bigger than you think! As we entered the area, we were only able to see the largest and first of the 3 pyramids....suddenly the 2nd pyramid appeared..I can't even begin to describe the sense of Awe you felt gazing upon structures that are 3000 years old! Pictures do not do them justice...Of course we had to climb up onto the pyramid to have pictures taken, and see the view below....the area was teaming with tourists, Egyptians, and camels!! There was even one egyptian family that spread a blanket, and had a picnic in the shade of the great pyramid! There were many people hawking souviners, and of course the camel rides.

I actually got to hold the reins myself!

My Camel ride was awesome! the camel kneels down, you are assisted to a very strange saddle, and you hang on to the horn of the saddle as the camel begins to stand up. First the back legs rise, and you are thrown forward, then the front legs rise, and you are thrown backwards. You think you are going to fall, bjut of course no one does! It is very strange to ride a camel and view the pyramids from so high. We could see all 3 of the pyramids, and behind the great pyramid an 3 smaller ones, which are the tombs of the queens. It was great fun!
            A close up of these ancient stones! It was thrilling to climb up upon the pyramid itself!

Next we drove to the area of the Sphinx. We had to enter an area that we had to climb up to a viewing platform. You are not able to touch the Sphinx, but you are very close and again, you are awed by the size of this creature! It surely is an awesome  experience to gaze upon this figure sculptured some 3000 years ago!
Me and 2 buddies!

When we started back up the path to the van, a man on a horse galloped by at top speed, whipping his horse, and pulling another one behind front of him a ugly crowd had gathered, and they were beating other people and shouting...the man with the horse galloped into the crowd and started beating people as well! With our mouths hanging open and our eyes upon this scene, our guide hearded us away, and we had to scramble up a sand dune to reach the road....we walked rapidly away from the the Mob, while we saw police casually sauntering toward the chaos......It was very exciting to say the least, and in just a few minutes we were safe and sound in the van and on our way to a nice hotel for lunch! Whew!

After lunch we visited the Cairo museum and king tuts treasures....His sarcophacus was made with 2000 kilos of solid gold, we saw his mask, and all the treasures found in his tomb.....Ancient chariots, 3 large beds, and many household products for his comfort in the afterlife. I was amazed!

We finished our wonderful day with a sunset cruise on the Nile river. It was so peaceful on our little sailboat for nine. the capt put up the sail, and sang egyptian songs as we watched the sunset. It was an awesome and magical moment.

                                            I loved every minute of my day in Cairo!