Friday, June 20, 2014

Amazin Allure..... Part 2....The neighborhoods

We just returned from the Amazing Allure of the seas....and today I wanted to focus on the Neighborhoods. There are 7 in all, and each has its own and unique character....
My personal favorite is the Boardwalk!  As you enter this 5 story outdoor area, right off the bat, you are amazed by the full size merry go-round! It is open all day and most of the evening, and usually it takes no time at all to board and feel like you've gone back in time!

The boardwalk itself is amazing, There are beach stores, candy and ice creams shops, Cotton candy and popcorn for sale. We listened to live bands playing, and even put money in for Zoltar to tell our fortune!
As you stroll down the avenue, you pass a Johnny Rockets, and a Rita's Cantina, both are open air Cafes....

There are free games for the kids

And at night the Boardwalk is transformed into a party, with lights, music, and outdoor performances in the Aqua Theater.

The Grand Promenade is Neighborhood #2 
A wonderful cobblestoned street that runs a little more that halfway along deck 5. There are shops, bars, cafes, and daily entertainment. It is the hub of the ship!

Sorrento's Pizza at one end, and the promenade café at the other end.

Music plays all through the day, and evening
And of course...the only Starbucks at sea!

Our next neighborhood is Central park. Another 5 story outdoor venue
All 10,000 plants are monitored by the Royal gardeners, and you can't help but love the glass sculptures!

You will pass restaurants, cafes and  bars, and you leisurely stroll thru the park, admiring all the greenery

the pool and sports zone is our next neighborhood.
I found 5 pools on deck 15....

This is the adults only pool.....

With a lovely ocean view

The family pool

Sports pool...I wonder who won this game??
Another neighborhood is the Entertainment place which
consists  of places like the Amber Theater, On Air, The comedy club, and Studio B.

Amber Theater
Blue Planet is wonderful....

Sorry these are a little blurry, but you get the picture!

Singers, dancers, and Aerialists constantly amazed us!
 Studio B, the home of The Ice skating shows
Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas - Entertainment Place

The aqua theater by Night.....
                                                And by day, with wonderful family shows!

The Parades were held in the Grand Promenade

Another neighborhood is the Kids Zone
Sadly, I have no pictures, but they have a water park, and public areas just for kids and families, Teenagers have their own hideaway and dance club....
Last, but not least Neighborhoods is the Vitality  Spa
I did not spend any time much else to do!
This is not my picture, but a standard shot. I posted it so you could see how elegant it is...

The Dining venues were on all of the public decks
Allure of the Seas - Adagio Dining Room
The Adagio Dining room

The Dog House on the boardwalk.....
Complimentary and one of my favorite places!

Johnny Rockets is a 50's burger joint
nominal charge of $5.95 pp.
And comes with Entertainment! What a bargain!

Outside seating as well, for great people watching!

Cotton Candy for the kids
nominal fee

Izumi is a Sushi place

Ala carte Pricing
The Rising Bar rises up and down 4 stories from the Grand promenade to central Park
What a view!

We loved Vines, a wine bar in Central park

A new drink for me....Captains Caipirinha
very refreshing and yummy!!
And don't forget the kids.....with the drink package, they could fill up at these machines all over the ship!
Why, you even go to Lectures on your I-phone ....2 on each sea day!
My review of the Allure of the seas
Embarkation ...............    Smooth as a whistle! 10 minutes start to finish   
ship.........only a few years old, and immaculate                                           
Service................... was terrific!                                                                   
Dining Areas................The food was hot, served quickly, presented well   
Johnny Rockets.......Loved each and every bite! don't miss the sundaes        
                The Dog House........Has 5 or 6 different selections...all were good, would like to see different sides offered.
Park café............The best ever in the world Roast Beef sandwich....!          
               Promenade café, and Sorrento's  were adequate.                                                            Chops.........Service and food impeccable...way to much served!!   
Entertainment was first class....                                                                    
Balcony room had plenty of storage, beds were oh so comfy......................
                     Disembarkation was a snap at all the ports except Ft. Lauderdale. long, long, long, lines for customs. My advice to get off the ship as early as possible!
This ship gets an A+++ for families, adults, and Seniors!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Amazin Adventures on the Allure

                                     Oh what a trip we had on the biggest ship in the world!
The beautiful Allure of the seas!
1,187 feet long, 208 feet wide!
6,296 guests and 2,165 crew members!
The Allure has 7 neighborhoods, and the first one we stopped at was the Boardwalk!
We had a hot dog and a beer.....
and kept a close eye on the merry-go-round.....we were dying to ride, but waited until later for that experience!

We wandered along the boardwalk  taking in all the sights!

                                                       Glancing up to view the zip line

Stopping by to have our fortunes told.....

Eventually we made it our muster station for the lifeboat drill....all we were missing is a frosty drink!
After the drill was completed....
We hustled down to the second neighborhood, the grand promenade, for our welcome aboard parade!

Shrek and Fiona were the grand marshals!
We watched the rising tide bar go up and down 4 decks, as we sat in the schooner bar...

The schooner bar turned out to be one of our favorite spots! Great for people watching!!

The next day was a sea day, with lots of great events, Like watching Ice skating in the early afternoon.

and attending the Water show after dinner.....

A walk down the boardwalk after dinner in the dark of night was just spectacular!

I really want to ride that merry go round NOW! but have to wait...
The Aqua theater was amazing with acrobatics, high divers, and wonderful special effects!

Walking back to our room, those are balcony's on the sides, and my merry-go- round in the foreground!  Too tired to ride to beddy by!

The next day We landed in Labadee for a day of fun and sun!
We swam , ate , and drank Laberdoozies!

We took our sunburned selves out for a pre-dinner glass of wine and Vintages wine bar In Central park, the 3rd neighborhood...
Central park has beautiful art....

Lots of restaurants

and shady spots just for the ambiance.....

Later we went to the theater for a Broadway show....
Which by the way, is the 4th neighborhood!

Chicago was more than awesome!

Jill and I with a selfi!  After all I was the only one taking pictures...I had to prove that I was actually on this ship!!!!

after our dinner and show, we rode the glass elevators up to our room.....Michael and I were off to bed, but the kids stayed up for the nightlife...
Loved the dress sculptures!!

Jamaica was our next port, and we stopped off for some rum punch and the boys smoked Cuban cigars........

A toast to a wonderful snack of some local fried plantain chips, and an amazing dip! ( not sure what was in it, but we ate it anyway! ) Gawd...we're brave!

Lots of local color as we walked back to the ship...

We did not, however, stop in this local grocery store....( not that I didn't want to, but Michael physically restrained me! )

Loved this fresh coconut stand!

The back of the ship from the port.....This is where we saw the Aqua show, and the high divers!

Jamaican view..... from our room.....

The Theater once again...... Loved all the shows we saw!

 And who doesn't want a tropical punch in our Schooner bar!

Okay...Okay...... enough of the selfies!

                                              Everyone had to have their picture taken!!!

Chris, Jill, Michael, and the cutest Giraffe!

These adorable kids had their face painted.....I think the boardwalk was our favorite meet the nicest people!

The dog house  had the best hotdogs, Pinwheels was a children's shop and candy store...

The rock wall was very popular.....I was gonna climb to the top and ring the bell, but the line was too long....NOT!!

And who could resist the Cotton candy and Popcorn!
I ......FINALLY..... got my ride on this wonderful Merry-go-round!!

I felt like I was a kid again!

Jill and Chris had fun too.....I had to drag them off the horses!

another selfie.....I'm getting good at these!

Cozumel Mexico was a blast! We booked a private day at a beach resort, and went snorkeling
This was jills first trip!

My mother always said if I didn't get out of the water....I would turn into a fish!
 Who knew.....

Chris diving, and me trying to dive!

Michaels lazed around on the beach...getting a tan...

And Chris took advantage of the open bar.....

This is where he ended up after 6 dirty monkey frozen drinks!

We made it back to the ship......I wonder which one is ours!

Another sea day, and Lunch at Johnny Rockets!

They make Killer milkshakes...

But hot fudge sundae.....well......nuff said!

The waiters entertained us....I was dancing on the far left....grin

And we watched the zip liners as we walked along...

This ship had 5 pools!
fifth neighborhood!
Central park below......

On the last night we watched an awesome show called Blue Planet.

All of the entertainers from all the shows took part...and we all were amazed by the aerials, acrobatics, and of course the special effects! WOW

Just spectacular!
All good things though, come to end ........
I love the sea.......I love traveling.....I love being with my family
Life is good.....
Thanks Jill and Chris...we had a blast!