Friday, October 11, 2013

Sea Days adventures

When you choose to do Transatlantic cruises, you are faced with 6-7 sea days in a row.......A lot of people tell me that they do not enjoy the sea days at all! What is there to do, they say, throwing their hands up in the air?? Its easy, .....find creative and fun ways to keep yourself busy!!


Michael reads...or snoozes ....he's so cute when his book falls into his lap!  I must tell you though, he is not alone......There are a dozen people in this lounge, knitting, playing cards, and sitting in groups sharing stories of other voyages.  Many new friends are made, and we have learned a lot of money saving tips from other frequent cruisers.... but then , that is a story for another blog....

 Painting is a fun way to while away the I get to meet a lot of people who stop by to comment....( they have no idea that I don't have any talent!) I keep that little secret to myself!

The ship is beautiful from top to bottom! As I snapped this picture, there were a group of people in the centram... Walkers and canes were parked, as they learned the fine art of napkin folding! I did not rush down to join them..... I do have my standards!!

Instead I wandered into the casino to try Lady Luck! I snapped a picture of the dollar machine, as I hurried to get a seat at the 2 cent machines..what a great way to spend the afternoon! I turned my 3 buckaroos into 20 bucks!

 We stop for coffee and cookies in the afternoons.....After all.....Dinner is a long way off!

 Holidays are celebrated....We were on the Solstice on Halloween.....Brenda and I had both brought decorations to surprise our tablemates! I didn't know that Brenda brought things, and she didn't know that I brought things! We were both surprised, and giggled as we decorated the table...BOO!!!!

We always spend cocktail hour in the Concierge lounge....We have cruised on Royal Caribbean a ton of times, so we have a free cocktail hour every evening.....We have met a lot of our good friends in this lounge, and laughed ourselves silly......Or were we silly because of the free cocktails??? be the judge!

While at sea, we have lots of time to watch the glorious is so relaxing to not have to rush in the evenings.  A luxury only afforded on sea days.

We spent a whole sea day in South America, sailing past glaciers in the Chilean Fjords.... How awesome is that!

  Honestly, the best thing about sea days is the required afternoon nap! All that fun is exhausting!!!! And we still have a cocktail hour or 2, dinner and a show ahead of us!
We have lots more sea days.... I may not make it home!!