Monday, July 28, 2014

The forgotten Faroe Islands

We were lucky enough to spend 36 days on a wonderful Princess ship! One of the most fascinating stops was a day in Klaksvík, which is the second largest town of the Faroe Islands. The town is located on Borðoy, which is one of the northernmost islands
The Diamond Princess....our floating hotel!

A view of Klaksvik from the ship....
I was amazed at the grass roofs we saw everywhere as we walked thru the town, heading to pick up our van rental!

I was told that the sod roofs kept the residents warmer, I did wonder though, how did they mow them! Push mower or goats!

We walked past the harbor, ships tender in the background....

Down the hill,

To find a historical park, with it's own little sod roof bathroom!  Of course I had to go in and take a look!
We finally found the house where the rental agent lived, and we rented his van! More like rent a wreck, I think! But it got us where we wanted to go!

And we were off on our own, driving around all the fjords with the awesome views!
And what a boulder!! Perched high above us as we drove by on the tiny 2 lane road! We all held our breath, and someone cried out...don't sneeze!

Waterfalls everywhere!
I had to stop by the one on our side of the road! I wanted to taste the water, but couldn't get over the fence! Drat!!

We passed by so many churches, on our way to the quaint little village pictured below....

Gjógv is a village located on the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy,

This is one of the most picturesque views on this lovely island. I'd be willing to bet one of the most photographed as well!

Another church on our beautiful drive to a small village that had Viking ruins....
Walking thru this old village

passing another church,

The ducks,

And finally arriving at the site of the Viking houses. The front part of the ruin is the family area with the fire pit, and sleeping areas. The back area is for the cows and horses....Apparently they all lived together and kept each other warm! Those Vikings were hearty people! That's all I'm saying...
On our drive home, we passed more waterfalls,
(note the little house on the hill)

A lighthouse,

And finally the sun peeked thru the clouds!
The Faroes are a far away, rarely visited, and a beautiful group of Islands. They are full of Viking history, friendly Danes and Majestic views.  Forgotten Islands that I hope never will change!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gorgeous Greenland!

 One of the most awesome ports we have visited, has to be Nuuk, Greenland.  This quaint city has about 16,000 inhabitants, and is the northernmost Capitol in the world!  We loved it because of it's rustic beauty, and amazing scenery!
We were on a Princess cruise from Southampton England to New York city, a 33 day voyage at the top of the world... and this was almost the last stop!
Our approach to Nuuk, had some of the most beautiful mountain views I had ever experienced!

Even the icebergs were magnificent!
As we approached the area where we would put down anchor, incredibly the sun came out!
                                                      Even if only for a few moments.

The little town of Nuuk. A view from the ship.
Awaiting the tender ...Now that was an experience all to itself....Nuuk, has a floating dock...yes people, a floating dock just like you would see in someone's back yard! We had to climb up a very steep gangway just to enter the docking area, while the Tender was dancing about in the water...lets just say, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I touched terra firma!

A view from the tender....on our way in....

Just about there.....oh my, isn't it beautiful! 
The colors are stunning, and I was so glad to again see the sun again, if only briefly...
From the dock we walked along a pathway into town...

Passing a schoolhouse

I love the School bell....
 And the Cathedral...we could see the steeple from the ship!
A beautiful old wooden building still in use!

When we arrived into the old town, there was a box to accept letters from Santa! Note the Santa Clause on the top!! And I look like a little girl who still believes in Santa...:)

We walked past specialized kayaks for fishing
and stopped in the open meat market for...well....just a look

The reindeer jaws and tongues were just a little to much for me!
The main town area was just a little walk away, we stopped here at the Katuaq, and visited inside. It is the cultural center, and had lots of exhibits...

walking back to the old town, we passed this sculpture.....


And headed back to the dock....
Sailing away, and saying goodbye to this beautiful country....May you never change...