Monday, April 28, 2014

Giggly girls on a cruise!

What could be better than a cruise with your granddaughters! I have to say, it was quite different than our usual cruises, and honestly, much more fun! We did 5 hot and sunny days on the Liberty of the seas, a perfect ship for Kids!  Ice skating, boogie boarding, swimming in all the pools, and who can forget the hot tubs hanging off the side of the ship!

The cantilevered hot tubs! What a view!

We were so lucky, as our adjoining inside cabins,were upgraded to  balconies! The only problem was they were on two different decks!  The girls and I were in one room, and poor Michael had to have a room to himself...( he was devastated! haha)
Michaels room at the end of 4 days

Our room at the end of 4 days!

relaxing on the balcony!

Emily with 2 desserts...yummmm

She finished the escargots.....Molly tasted one, but was unable to continue should have seen the look on her face!

Molly loved the Tiramisu, and the bread and butter pudding!
2 desserts seemed to be the norm!

After dinner, the girls swam until midnight, and Grandma .....well, lets just say grandma was semi comatose!

My beautiful girls in the pool!

The first grand promenade parade was sooooo fun 

lots of dancers, and loud music! Just perfect for dancing along!

Bathing Beauty
While Molly was waiting in line for the wave runner, Emily was taking in the view! 

We went to the ice skating show after the boogie boarding
Molly boogie boarding!

We had great seats!

Phantom of the opera was the first act!

and a soloist who was awesome with the hula hoops!

Walking around the deck after dinner, enjoying the sunset...

 The girls were always smiling

and smiling...
sitting on the stage, just before the Aerial show 

Our first selfie!
We're still smiling!

Labadee Haiti! Our first stop...

A wonderful beach for swimming, except poor molly got stung by a small jelly fish!  

This was a water park....$22 buckaroos for 1 hour per person

This awesome slide was so much fun, and much more reasonable at $22 per person for the whole day...We got to go free, because the the person who took care of Mollys jellyfish sting, felt sorry for the girls, and wouldn't charge us! Way to go Molly!  Took one for the team!

Lots of shopping

and local art work for sale

Directional signs were even fun!

As we were riding the shuttle back, we caught sight of the locals

There was a line to get back on the ship, but it was fun, as they had entertainment to keep us occupied

The dancing was amazing!

                                       My two little angels....

Jamaica was so hot, and after doing a little shopping, we went back to the ship for Lunch, and a swim in the pool!

Making friends in the H2O zone....I think this was the girls favorite place on the ship!

A last look at the shoppes near the dock

The main pool for families...we swam there mostly at night, and watched the outdoor movies on the big screen....The hobbit, and Frozen were the featured movies.

More smiles....

Emily enjoying a frozen drink! yummmmm

The grand promenade

4 stories high

The concierge was for suites and diamond+ cruisers....lots of free cocktails, and appetizers before dinner.  the girls loved the egg rolls, meatballs, and enjoyed punch and shirley temples.....very ta ta...

Another view of the promenade.....we did a lot of shopping there, and had lunch at Sorrento's pizza

Princess Fiona, and other characters were everywhere!

So fun to pose for pictures!

Lunch at the windjammer

and Karaoke was sooooo fun!

We had an amazing time, but even more wonderful.....the Girls had an amazing time....Making memories....

I miss them already.....

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