Monday, February 24, 2014

Unexpected Civil War adventure

It's always fun when you have the opportunity to spend time with old friends.....As we usually do when friends come for a visit in our neck of the woods, we took them on a whirlwind tour of the sights and sounds of Tampa-St Petersburg. One of our favorite stops is Ft. Desoto in St Petersburg Beach. There is an old Spanish American era fort there, as well as one of the worlds most beautiful beaches!
Paul and Kim

Visiting St. Petersburg beach

Much to our surprise, it was crowded, and we heard cannons being fired off.....We had landed smack dab in the middle of a civil war battle re-enactment!
Confederate soldiers advancing on the Union soldiers at the battle of Ballast Point 1863

The Union raiders in retreat

Union cannons are fired

And the drum and fife corps are rallying the troops!

To no avail....Confederate forces caught up with the raiders who had set fire and destroyed, 2 blockade-running ships on the Hillsborough River.

Confederate ladies watched the battle, as often was done during Civil wars battles. 

It was a chance to dress in your finest and watch your men defending the homeland.

Battlefield camps were not so glamorous 

I retouched this  photo to make it more authentic...

Bread and fruit was a usual meal... I doubt if bananas were available during the civil war :) 

The re-enactors had camped out for 3 days. They lived, ate and dressed as if in the 1860's.....hmmmmm I wonder if that meant no cell phones, toilet paper or showers? Just saying....

Afterwards, we were we finished the day at Hurricanes in St Pete Beach....The food was divine....the hurricane margaritas were the best ever.....and we re-cemented our friendship.....What a perfectly wonderful day!