Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Krazy Kids on a Cruise! Life onboard the Carnival Sensation!

Its summertime, and time to take 2 of the grandkids on a cruise! These Alaskan kids had never been on a cruise before, and it was high time they got the cruzin fever!
We decided to take them on the Carnival Sensation, out of Port Canaveral. It was a perfect choice, if I do say so myself! They had just finished remodeling, and had added a waterworks park, just perfect for the kids! In fact, we spend most of our time hanging out by the slides!
I love the Carnival smokestack! When you see it, you feel like you have arrived!

We weren't 5 minutes on the ship, when the kids were in their suits, and in the pool!  

They discovered waterworks after our lunch, and I could barely get them away

It was perfect timing, as the ship was still in port, and there were not many people, and NO lines! Hint #1.....when you arrive on the ship, make a bee line to waterworks.... The kids ( and Adults!) will have a ball!

I would certainly recommend carrying your suits and sunscreen with you, when you board the ship. Waterworks awaits you!

After we dragged the kids away from the pool area, we took a tour of the ship just before sailaway! As you can see, they are in good hands!
( I can't believe I said that!!)

My sister Jean, graciously accompanied us, ( I really had to twist her arm! grin) Here we are with our traditional sailaway drink!

And Jack said goodbye to solid ground!

After our first dinner, and Shrimp cocktails,
 We headed out to the deck to watch the sunset....

And watch the kids play.....Have I mentioned waterworks yet? Grin

Waterworks closes at sunset, so we headed to the pool for a late night swim...

And then it was off to bed for a good nights sleep!...Hint #2,  A word to the wise, the upper bunk rail, does not lock, and sometime during the night, it fell over, and Jack fell out of bed! the middle of the night, He's a tough kid, and wasn't hurt, but we were lucky.  P.S.. I found out that the railings do not lock on ANY Carnival ship....What a safety breach!

We were in Freeport the next day, and we decided to take a taxi tour of the Island! What fun we had!

We made a stop at a local bazaar, and the kids enjoyed Coconut milk!

Lucy got to help...

And Jack wielded the Machete like an expert.... 

We took a walk along the beach, and dipped our toes in the Caribbean sea!

And the kids had a ball holding the GIANT Iguana...( grandma declined..)

They were certainly ready for bed that night....( and so was Grandma!)

The next day we were in Nassau, we just bummed around town, shopped, and acted like Movie stars!

We did some Geocaching, courtesy of Aunt Jeanne...

Horsed around on the cannon

And jack was the lucky winner, he found the cache......

Was soooooo hot, we decided to head back to the ship to cool off in the pool!

I was pretty happy about that!

And so were the kids!

This is me after I slid down the slide a few times!! ( Just call me Granny Awesome!)

I never did get to sit in the Serenity area....but it looked mighty inviting....I coulda had a pina colada!

But It was much more fun to watch the kids nosh on French fries, and Chicken nuggets!

There was plenty of time to relax on the links....

Play in the glass elevators

and eat breakfast at the chocolate buffet! Lucy spotted the chocolate pancakes going by, and pointed her finger at them and said..."I want THAT!"
She ate the whole thing!

We dressed up for the Dr. Seuss parade
( please excuse the finger in the upper left corner...grin)

and all the parade goers listened to the Cruise Director read a story...They loved that!

We all enjoyed the tea party afterwards!
Especially Jack! how many desserts do you think he had! I'll never tell... what happens with Grandma, stays with grandma!

The Hasbro game was so fun!
We even won a prize!

After posing for pictures...( after all...we were VIPS!)

Our beds awaited us....Our last night!

It was so fun to get home and tell all our stories to Uncle Rob, Luke and Everly!
Who's up next for a cruise!!!