Friday, January 29, 2016

Salmon river rafting ....Oh what a trip!

Never in my wildest dreams, did this avid cruiser, think she would spend 6 days and 5 nights river rafting..... No showers, no hot water, no indoor plumbing!!!  Just 6 glorious days rafting down a wild river! After a few days no one noticed if you hadn't shaved your legs, been wearing the same clothes for days on end, Or brushed your teeth..( and just for the record.....I did!)
     No one blinked an eye when you headed for the potty...( usually a lonely walk into the woods in full view of everyone!!) or headed to the river to pee....we were all in the same boat, and no one cared about the niceties of conventional daily life... I loved it!!
     No make-up, no worrying about what to wear ( as I had usually slept in my clothes)  and last but not least, all pretensions were swept aside, and we were free to be ourselves!!

This glorious trip started in Salmon Idaho...
A small frontier town along the Salmon river... 

This little historic town was full of cute little shops, and cafes...found a place that served a great curry! How about that!

We stayed at the Sacajawea Inn, a nice circa 1945 motel. so cute, with individual cottages, all decorated with kitschy murals that we just loved! Not to mention the knotty pine!

We arrived at the airport just outside of 
Salmon to meet up with the rest of our Party.....How cute is this place!

Image result for salmon idaho
At last! Our first view of the river just before we were to shove off!!

The views from the raft were spectacular, as we began our 6 day journey!

Quite different than the usual views for this Florida gal!

We camped out along the river each night! Fortunately, the advance raft had already arrived, and set up our tents! Cold drinks were waiting, and we could smell dinner cooking! After unpacking we settled down along the river with glasses of wine in hand, and big grins on our faces as we realized that we had survived the first day!
Sand, sand, everywhere! I thought I had escaped Florida!!

How about waking up to this view every day!

After one day, I still looked good! ( there will be no posting of later pictures!) hehe

Coffee in hand, fellow travelers awaiting the gourmet breakfast! The food was awesome, ranging from brie stuffed french toast, to omelets filled with exotic stuffing's.

Walter was loving the start of each day...

We stopped along the river, for some of the best picnic lunches I ever ate!!!
We sure looked forward to this rest stop every day! Lunch and a swim! what could be better than that!!
By the end of the trip we were unshaven, coffee drinking, food guzzling refugees!
happy as clams!

It was hard to say goodby!..

I have to say it was one of the greatest adventures I ever had.....and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Hats off to Momentum river rafting for making this trip so memorable!