Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cruizin the Caribbean on Princess

We had 3 Princess future cruises to burn, and Princess was offering a great sale.....soooooo , someone twisted our arms, and we booked 3 Back2back cruises!  2, 4day cruises, and added on a 3 day cruise at the end.....
Will we do it that way again.....Probably not, did we have fun.....Is the Pope catholic? Of course we did!!! It was an awesome 11 days!! We left on May 15th which happens to be our Anniversary. The next cruise was May 19, which is my birthday! and the last cruise was ...well....just because we could!

The Caribbean Princess is a large ship, with all the amenities you could expect or want!
950 feet long
118 feet wide
112,894 gross tons!
18 decks! 

We boarded the ship in Ft. Lauderdale, and this was the view from our room!
Our cabin was awesome, it had plenty of room to walk about , and lots of storage, and closet space.
It was also a great place to take naps! zzzzzzzzz
Michael made quick use of the balcony, and the down time, before the dreaded lifeboat drill....
I found plenty of room to amuse myself with my watercolors! We had great weather, and cool breezes for the whole trip, so our balcony became our home away from home!!
The ship is beautiful, and in good repair. All the rugs were replaced in the dry dock last week, new window suites were added, and the whole ship spiffed up!
We loved the back pool area, It is adult only, and with the hoards of kids and family's on this cruise, it was a peaceful place to relax and cool off!
Besides, the view from the aft of the ship is pretty awesome!

The Caribe café is just above the pool area, so we could duck in and get something to nibble on while we were sunbathing!  There is also a pool bar for those frosty frozen drinks that are soooooooo necessary on a Caribbean cruise!

The casino was pretty lively, but I stayed clear as it was very smoky......Why, oh why, do they allow people to smoke while gambling.....

The promenade was  pretty busy during the day for all those walkers and exercisers. One of those I met, said, she walks for wine!  Hmmmmm....

This is one of the family pool areas....I took this on a turn around day, when there was only us Back to backers on the ship.....Before the new cruisers boarded.....Ahhhhh the quiet was deafening...


The Piazza was a hot spot for dancing, eating, and just enjoying the people watching...

A view from the next floor

Vines Bar, where you could get sushi, tapas, and upscale wines. Always very crowded every night!

The international café area, coffee bar, and a place to relax for pre dinner drinks.
We had a great server named Mirium...If you see her, tell her Michael and Karan said Hi!!!
The desserts were fabulous, and they served a selection of  Cheeses, fruits, and sandwiches at night.
In the morning you get to select lovely pastries, yogurts, and a breakfast was so good we had our coffee here each morning!

The piazza is a great place to party as you can see from the awaiting balloon drop on formal night! By the way, they served free Champagne, and mimosas as well....yummy!
We only had 3 ports on this 11 day Jaunt, but boy did we enjoy each and every one!
This was our first trip to Grand Turk, I was amazed at the numbers of wild donkeys, and horses, that roam freely throughout the island....We drove thru Cockburn town on our tour around this tropical paradise!.
We visited the Grand Turk lighthouse, built by the British in 1852.
Princess Cays is a beautiful beach resort, with any number of water sports, beaches, and beach bars! There is something for everyone to do!

We had to tender in from the ship, which was difficult. Some people waited over 2 hours to get ashore. Lucky me, I'm an elite level, and one of the perks, is not waiting for tenders. I only had to walk down to the tender, and get one. WHEW! ( does not apply when going back!  sad face...)

I loved this pink rocking chair...what a great place to relax and just watch the bathing suits go by! Michael! Get up! Someone else needs a turn! haha
Cozumel Mexico was our next port, and we have been there so many times, we elected to stay in the port area. It is very built up, with swimming areas, bars and shops.  

It was just enough for this gunslinger and his Senior-rita  ( get it)  feeling silly today!
I loved the Mexican flag flying over the Mayan inspired fountain!
( it was so hot that day, that I was tempted to dive in!)

The beach bar was so cute, and the drinks were soooo cold and frosty!
My review of the ship
Embarkation..... Is usually more difficult than the other lines.  After a wait, we were on the ship and having our welcome aboard drink by 1230                                      
Ship.......had just been in dry dock, and was in good repair. Cabins were clean and in good order     
Service .....was excellent throughout the ship                                                                                        
Dining areas. We had anytime dining, and the service was excellent. I was unhappy that they had so few tables for 2, that the wait for a table could be up to 45 min. This should be corrected.  
Food........Was excellent throughout the ship! We loved the Pizza ( the best pizza on the high seas!) We enjoyed the Trident grill, and the international café! The meals in the dining room were wonderful!
Entertainment....Was fair. The singers and dancers were very good on two of the shows, the comediennes were funny. They showed movies in the Theater in the afternoon, and the selection was awesome! Gravity, Hunger games, Las Vegas. We're not pool entertainment people, so didn't see much of that!
All in all, I give this Ship an A....I would highly recommend this ship for seniors, families, and young adults!