Saturday, October 5, 2013

Doors,doors, and more doors!

I'm an architecture nut!
I never realized how much I loved doors, until I started looking back at all the pictures taken on our cruises.  I found pictures of doors and doorways of all types and in all countries.....It must be because doors are the opening into who we are, and where we are going.
Sometimes I'm just walking down the street, and I spot a door that I just can't resist!

It draws me and I must put my hands on the old wood, close my eyes and take a moment to touch and try to capture the thoughts and feelings of those who have gone before me. You can almost feel them speaking to you!

I'm Always locked out!

Doors always have tales to tell, these colorful doors in Dublin, served a purpose.....A way for workingmen in the 1700's to find their way home after a night at a pub. I want to live in the house with the purple door, I'm sure Michael could find his way home easily!

This door was only about 2 feet tall. I spotted it in a church that was built in the 1600's in Scotland. Were the Scots that small? Who was this door built for? An unsolved  mystery....

On the other side of the church, on a new addition, that hailed from the 1700's, was a larger door, although only about 5 feet tall......and it looks like it is still used today...Verrrrrry interesting!

A cemetery door, in a famous Argentine Cemetery....
Evita lies here, and is still beloved by her countrymen...

An old time elevator door....It is still in use! Who wants to go to the tenth floor???
I loved this artsy door in Valparaiso Chili...The whole town was filled with colors, it is known as the San Francisco of the south.
We had the best hot dog in the world here!
A hand carved door in Rio....Surrounded by tropical flowers that hint at the exotic people who may live inside.....

A simple English cottage with a red door....I loved the flower pot next to the stoop.
Across the courtyard was the village church with a blue door...I tried to open the door, but it was locked.....perhaps the caretaker lives in the cottage with the red door...

The English cottage of my dreams with climbing roses over the door. I imagined myself having tea and scones in the garden, with the warm sun on my face....

Ancient doors are Fascinating...This doorway in Petra was carved out of sandstone over a 1000 years ago. Ancient caravans on their way to Istanbul, used this town as a resting place. .
Ancient door ways are still being used in Ephesus....Paul preached here, can you picture him going thru this door?

This door was built in the 600's by Saint Kevin. His church was a  place for peasants who needed a safe haven.

On the other side of the world, here in Bangkok, they built the doors out of gold...
The King of Siam used these doors to enter his palace. Followed by his concubines, and hundreds of children!

A giant door in China......For ceremonial use by the Emperors, so long ago.
If I close my eyes, I can hear the drum beats, and the wooden mallets hitting the gongs, as the emperor arrives.

Along with doors, I love the elaborate door knockers

We can't forget Bathroom doors!
Feeling glamorous with the stained glass windows!
when traveling, bathrooms  are a necessary evil

or without doors!

When you gotta gotta go!  NOT!