Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walk like an Egyptian....

I felt like I needed to do a second Blog on Egypt! After all.....I waited all my life for these pictures!

Our first view as we rounded a corner

see the camels in the distance?
Guess who!!
There was even one Egyptian family that spread a blanket, and had a picnic in the shade of the great pyramid!
I wonder what they are eating?
Michael and his friends!
                                                         Just the right size for me!
The Sphinx
( try to ignore my finger in the upper left!)
We finished our wonderful day with a sunset cruise on the Nile river. It was so peaceful on our little sailboat for nine. The capt put up the sail, and sang Egyptian songs as we watched the sunset. It was an awesome and magical moment.
Our Captain
So relaxing

What a sunset!!
I loved Cairo and the pyramids!